Scented Mini Personalised Christmas Candle

  • £15.00

A unique stocking filler for candle lovers! This mini travel luxury scented candle comes with a personalised lid.

Who doesn't like an amazing smelling candle? This cute mini candle fits in your hand, it also comes with a lid with suction, so you can pop the lid on and take it with you. So it makes the perfect little gift for someone who is going away or travelling, they will also have a beautiful smelling candle with them where ever they go.
The lovely thing about these mini candles is that once they are burnt, you can clean them out and use them to store little trinkets. Or you can even put a little tea light in it instead!
The lids are perfect to keep your candle dust free when it is not lit, keeping it in perfect condition for that perfect burn.
When lit this candle will last for up to 20 hours, filling the room with ambience of warmth and infuse any room with smell, but not be over powering. 

  • Made with 100% Soya Wax and using only the finest fragrance oils
  • Natural eco friendly hand poured wax
  • Burn time - 20 hours
  • One size - 7cm x 4.5cm With lid on the height is - 5cm

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